This release is the release of the SaiberStorm will include the following:

  • SC-0039 Setup Blob Storage in SC
  • SC-0028 Update Build
  • SC-0034 Permissions Not Propogating on build update
  • SC-0036 Create Button To Generate Blob
  • SC-0037 Allow Admins to See Image Encryption Keys
  • SC-0038 Allow Admins to Specify What Server to Connect
  • SC-0026 Route Model Bindings Across the Board
  • SC-0033 Fix SC:Role-Update Error
  • SS-0003 Remove Login



The deathstar system has been put into service to start taking requests from the client side. This will allow further testing and this system should remain online with no interruptions until the next upgrade to the service. 

There is very little that anyone would need to interact with this system but it is active and online ready to start accepting requests.

There will be downtime between 12:00 (noon) PST Friday Feb 15 2019 - 12:00 (noon) PST Monday Feb 18 2019 for the update of SC201902150004. We will update the status after the update is completed. Please expect downtime for SaiberControl over that period. All other systems will remain operational.



This release is the release of the SaiberControl will include the following:

  • SC-0028 (Update Build)
  • SC-0017 (Update Deskpro Cache)
  • SC-0019 (Delete Member)
  • SC-0020 (Invite Automailer)
  • SC-0021 (Deskpro Getter)
  • SC-0008 (Add Permissions Request)
  • SC-0012 (User Roles to DP)
  • SC-0023 (Move Commands over to DeskproClient Event Listeners)
  • SC-0010 (Create Image)

We will be pushing the update to the server over the next couple hours. Please expect downtime.


This release is the release of the SaiberControl will include the following:

  • SC-0016 (DP User Create Issue)
  • SC-0015 (Bugsnag)



It has come to our teams attention that there is an issue with the registration on SaiberControl preventing some users from registering correctly. This issue has been moved to testing as of 2/3/19 at 7pm PST. Thanks for your cooperation.

There are going to be a number of enhancements coming in build SC201902040004. Some of the features we are currently working on are listed down below. We would love to hear some useful and impactful feedback on the features listed below to ensure that we are implementing them in the most useful way.


  • Better support integration between SaiberStorm and Support.
  • Organizers Ability to manage competitions and images.
  • Forgotten Password life cycle.
  • General user ability to request permissions.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


This release is the release of the SaiberControl will include the following:

  • SC-0004 (Logout on homepage)
  • SC-0005 (Database Session Login)

This release is the initial release of the SaiberControl will include the following:

  • SC-0001 (Initial Alpha Release)
  • SC-0002 (Authentication)
  • SC-0003 (Dashboard)